Monday, November 28, 2016

Blogging as letter writing

I've been remiss about keeping up my blogging, at least in part because it often feels like screaming into a hurricane, and other writing projects seem like they would be a more fruitful way to spend my time.  However, after having sworn off dealing with Facebook beyond the basics of having a point of contact for friend/relatives I don't interact with often in other forums, some of the energy that had been channeled there might be profitably put to use here.

But, to be honest, it still seems rather pathetic to cast random thoughts out into the blogosphere. So, I thought I might bundle blogging with another project I'm going to try to get going on, which is to be a more active writer of letters to public figures.  Particularly given the insanity revealed by our most recent election (or perhaps I should say "election"--the scare quotes seem appropriate), I've been thinking I ought to be a more engaged citizen. Specifically, I decided I ought to write more letters (including, when possible, good ol' fashioned paper/envelope/stamp letters) to people in positions to do something about various issues.

To that end, my hope is to write at least one letter, even a brief one, every week or so and to copy the text here, for whatever it might be worth.

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